Intel Ultrabook – Rich


Campaign Ultrabook – DOOH + Web Skins

Tech HTML5, Flash, Aftereffects, Maya

Involvement Concepting, Build, Animation, Team Management

The Brief

Back in 2012 Intel had created their new set of laptops they called Ultrabooks, thy were supposed to be Intel’s direct answer to the Apple “MacBook Pro” and the “MacBook Air”, initials solution was a merger of both, a light and powerful PC, they needed a DOOH video ad built and a set of Wallpapers to go across multiple websites.


My role on this project was to design and concept a DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) advert and a range of online ads to bring attention to Intel’s new creation. As well as being hands on, I worked with my team utilising 3D designers to bring my concepts and designs to life, the final DOOH Video ad was concepted, designed and Animated by myself, all the skins and Layouts were designed by myself using provided laptop assets.