Reebok Page Grabber


Campaign Pump To Fit

Placement Homepage Takeover (Page Grabber)

Involvement Concept, Design

The Brief

Reebok had booked an ad placement on the BBC website, they wanted to showcase their new trainers that they were only selling through FootLocker and they needed an impactful way of breaking the users browsing immersion and showing them the new product, the placement booked was a homepage takeover that would cover the whole of the BBC website.


My role was to come up with a visually stimulating design and animation concept to engage the viewer.

Note: I was not able to acquire the final animated version of this creative for my portfolio.

The Animation starts with the website visible.

The legs come in from the top of the screen and look like they landed on the website.

The background of the animation will fade in hiding the website behind it.

The explosion below the trainers will
appear quickly.

The banner will begin to animate to the next set of shoes as if the camera is panning a wall.

The camera will stop briefly on the new shoes then move on.

Mid state between frames.

The camera will stop on the third pair of shoes for a second then carry on animating.

Mid state between frames.

The camera will pan to the final pair of shoes.

The video player would fade in.

End frame copy animates in and the video plays.