Hilton APAC Destination Retargeting


Campaign APAC Destination Retargeting

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Tech HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Involvement Design, HTML5/Javascript/CSS3 Animation, Team Management

The Brief

Hilton wanted to create a Retargeting campaign to retarget 10 countries in the APAC region, each banner would advertise 3 hotels and each region would have multiple hotels and deals that were advertised, instead of creating 1000s of banners for each possible configuration Hilton wanted to do this dynamically through DoubleClick thus they needed the banners to be dynamic so that they can input any data they want in the the client side of DoubleClick and have the banners populate on the fly.

I had previously created some banners for Hilton which they liked the look and feel of and wanted resemble to work with this, these new banners kept the look and feel of the previous ones to keep them recognisable as Hilton, but they had to be significantly redesigned to fit their new requirements.


I worked on designing these creatives based on the look and feel of the previous ones that I created created, there were many client meetings and back and forth until a design was perfected. Following this I had to do a lot of work in adjusting and perfecting the CSS to make the banners look good no matter what length the data (copy, images etc) was pulled from the backend, I then also worked on getting the Ads to communicate with the DoubleClick XML sheets the client had created to pull the data in.

Once the initial builds were created I worked with my team to create the rest of the builds for specific languages, as the East asian Languages had to have their own CSS styles due tot he language length differences.

Australia Frame 1:


PR China Frame 3:


Australia Frame 2:


PR China Frame 4: